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Jesuites Bellvitge Centre d'Estudis Joan XXIII, L`Hospitalet Barcelona, Spain

The school Joan XXIII is in a new area of L'Hospitalet municipality, built in the sixties, to host national immigrants mainly from south of Spain. The district is just on the outskirts of Barcelona. It is a so called "dormitory town", a place full of high blocks of appartments, inhabited mainly by working class people.

The school has got some 1600 students and 155 teachers and has got from kindergarten and Primary studies until Secondary, Gymnasium, Vocational and Technical studies. It is considered half private since the ownership is private but it has a permanent agreement with the goverment, which pay salaries of teachers.

The school mission is to provide an innovation and personal education to accomplish the neccessities and demands of our sorroundings, with special care of the social and quality promotion. CE Joan XXIII has won, among other,the Spanish Education Government prize in 2006 , and the Economy Circle prize in 2010.

We are very interested in taking part in the project as one of the main aims of our school is to open horizonts of the students and improve their intercultural sensitiveness, in an area with a lot of unemployement and a bit enclosed in itself, with presence of immigrants mainly from Latinoamerica. We think we can learn and get more experience from our partners, and can also collaborate with them with the exchange of methodological and pedagogical aspects.

To open such horizonts we also prepare students teaching some subjects in English, using new technologies and belonging to a European group of schools named "International Education" teaching a common four years optional curriculum with twelve European schools called "European Citizenship". We also collaborate with ELOS community (Europe as a Learning Environment on Schools) to investigate about student competences.